Sunday, November 6, 2011

Osborn's 73 Idea-Spurring Questions

Object:  Tote Back (used for carrying books)
Put to other uses:  reusable grocery bag, diaper bag, suitcase, pocket book
Rational:  Due to the size of my tote bag, it can be used multiple ways.  I generally use this bag to carry my school books, however, it can be used to carry anything under 20lbs due to its size and durability.  
Adapt:  Pocket books, diaper bags
Rational:  As I previously mentioned, my tote back has multiple uses.  One may see it as a large pocket book as one may see it as a diaper bag.  
Modify:  Expand the width of the bag
Rational:  The tote bag is very large in length.  However, to get multiple uses out of it, one may put the twist of making it wider as well as keeping the same width.  
Magnify:  Stronger/ More durable straps
Rational:  Although this is a large bag, I do believe it could be more beneficial if it was built for heavier items.  One way to handle heavier items would be to place thicker and heavier straps.
Minify:  The large pocket inside
Rational:  Although many people would like a large pocket inside to store things, the pocket in this bag basically serves as a compartment for dividing items placed in the bag.  If the pocket was smaller, smaller items could be stored without getting lost inside the bag.  
Substitute:  Stronger material
Rational:  A stronger material would allow for heavier items to be placed inside the bag.
Rearrange:  Pocket
Rational:  A smaller inside pocket would allow for the storage of smaller items.
Reverse:  Straps
Rational:  By changing the way the user uses the straps, one could possibly place the bag on their back and carry larger items.
Combine:  Larger width, more durable straps and heavier material
Rational:  This would allow for a bag of multi-uses.  One could use the bag for a variety of things as well as carry more heavier items inside the bag.  

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